Maria Ernestam

More than a million copies sold.
Published in 13 countries.

Maria Ernestam award-winning writer

More than a million copies sold. Published in 13 countries.

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Maria Ernestam – Reading a book is like warming your hands over an open fire. Writing a book is different. Sometimes it is happiness, sometimes a struggle. But for me it is the only way to silence all the characters making noises in my head, wanting me to tell their stories.

I know I can get lost in my thoughts, dream, sometimes forget to listen. I have apologized for this often enough. But the solution to how that troublesome chapter should be written can not be scheduled in your calender. And however much I would like to answer something else to the question ”from where do you get your ideas?” there is in truth only one answer. Suddenly they are just there.


Maria Ernestam’s books move between different genres, novels, short stories, thriller, humour. She takes a keen interest in people’s secrets and driving forces as well as the past and how it influences present time. Maria has gained special attention for her stilistic care and elegance and the meticulously composed intrigues.