Göran Rosenberg and courage

In his fantastic book ”A short stop on the way from Auschwitz”, Göran Rosenberg mentions the lack of courage that many opinion building people and journalists showed during the years before and during the second world war.  An exception was the signature BJ. Göran Rosenberg did not know who this courageous and sharp writer was. But I did. Bernhard J-son Ernestam was my grandfather. He read Hitler’s ”Mein Kampf ” as soon as it was translated into Swedish in the beginning of the 1930’s and immediately wrote fierce articles in different Swedish papers, where he sought to warn of the plague that he saw threatened Europe. As the war broke out, my grandparents opened their home for Jewish refugees, people who later moved on often to Israel or the United States, where they often kept in touch with Bernhard and Zelmi for the rest of their lives. I write about this in Daughters of the Marionettes, where my grandfather is the inspiration for the lawyer in the book. My grandfather was threatened and critizised for his articles. I always admired his courage and his capacity to foresee what was going to happen. When I told Göran Rosenberg who my grandfather was, he wrote to me and said that people like him should be mentioned more often. I fully agree. In many ways, Daughters of the Marionettes is a tribute to my grandfather.