A report from France

My visit to France is over and I am overwhelmed. Until now two books, ”Buster’s Ears” and ”Always with you” have been released in France and the amount of people who came to listen to me took me by surprise. The festival Les Boréales is a tribute to Nordic art, including books, film, music and photography. I have visited libraries and book stores all over Normandy and taken part in panel discussions in Caen, the centre city of the festivities.

One highlight was a dinner arranged for me in Caen, where readers had competed for participation by writing a motivation for why they wanted to meet me. TV and newspapers were there.


Another unforgettable moment was when two actors in Clermont-Ferrand had transferred parts of my books into a play, all introduced by the Mayor of the City.

And I am most grateful for the visit to a prison in Coutances. I met about twenty men who had gotten information about me from the librarians and put interesting and mind boggling questions. They asked my advice for a good read, wondered if authors are envious of each other and why Eva in ”Buster’s Ears” drinks so much wine and neglects her eating. Somebody had questions about the book about Zlatan but apologized at the same time for putting questions that did not concern my books. I am very very grateful for having been invited.

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