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For everyone capable of reading Polish, here are more critiques of Daughters of the Marionettes.

And an interview:

  • Głos Kultury
Daughters of the Marionettes
Among many interesting opinions, the writers have been wondering why marionettes fascinate me so much. The answer is that I find their construction incredibly thrilling. Being ruled by an invisible hand from above, twisting and pulling the strings. In addition, marionettes show what our brains are capable of. The face of the doll is the one that the producer gave it, yet we ”see” how it laughs, cries, argues or whispers. The phenomenon is a tribute to human fantasy. Also, the art of marionettes have often been performed by people having been persecuted because of their origins. When I bought a doll for myself, the person selling it to me said that the most powerful marionette is the one we all have inside, when we pull our own strings. I have never forgotten that.