French paws

A new chapter has now been added to the history of my Cat book. As previously written, the story was first published in the anthology Drama Queens, with the title Runda i ögat som katten (Round eyes like the cat). In Germany, the story was then published on its own, called Der Kater, meine Nachbarn und ich (The cat, my neighbours and I). My Swedish publisher Forum liked this and published the story again, also as a story on its own and with the title Öga för öga, tass för tass (An eye for an eye, and a paw for a paw), illustrations added by Lina Bodén. And in this format, the story was discovered by my French publisher Gaïa. Patte de velours, oeil de lynx will be the title, having the double meaning of somebody moving very discreetly, eyes intent on the surroundings.
Elegant, mystic and stylish. Just like the cover.

Patte de velours, oeil de lynx