Book releases are hectic periods. It is of course fantastic with all the attention, just as it is a bit overwhelming to see your book in the book stores. The Scarred Pianist has already been sold to my fine French publishing house Gaïa and recently also to a new publisher in Poland. It is exciting to be released at Kobiece Publishing House, who proudly announce that their authors are inventive, inspiring and unbiased thinkers.

In Latvia Buster’s Ears is being published. I love the cover – and the spelling of my name.

Buster's Ears in Latvia.
Buster’s Ears in Latvian.

On top of that, The Swedish Railroad Company’s magazine Kupé recommends my book as one of three selected book in their May issue. In the magazine Fönstret Caroline Engvall, a successful writer in her own right, gives an overwhelming review of The Scarred Pianist and its plot and language. In addition, newspaper Barometern recommends the book. More reviews can be found here.


I am also immensely glad to receive a flood of positive reactions from my readers; new ones, old ones as well as some generous colleagues. This happiness radiates within me in a very special way.