Fantastic reviews in Femina and ELLE

Two of Sweden’s major women’s magazines, Femina and ELLE,  have given The Scarred Pianist fantastic reviews.


In The Scarred Pianist, Maria Ernestam describes, with a finely tuned literary pen, the close knit relationship between friends-since-childhood Veronica and Marieke, a friendship which is the only thing that matters, especially since Veronica’s extra mother dies,


writes Femina’s Maria Marteleur. She continues:


Even the smallest shift in behaviour is meticulously noted. Every human reaction, each separate incident is analyzed. This is a novel that affects me deeply and touches one’s innermost feelings. For real.


ELLE writes:


Maria Ernestam is one of ELLE’s favourite Swedish authors and her novels, modelled with skill, are always interesting with twisted surprises. The new book, The Scarred Pianist, is a story about Veronica and Marieke, the balance of power in friendship, and the twists of fate that forces life to take completely new directions.