Résidence(s) for everyone

Four years ago I visited French cultural festival Les Boréales in Normandy. At a literary dinner I met Isabelle Chéreau, working with film and education and already involved in her first film project. Our contact developed into friendship and when I returned to Caen in 2014 to work for a month in l’Abbaye d’Ardenne, Isabelle’s film camera was constantly following me.

The result is the documentary Résidence(s). A film about writing, an author’s inspiration, about me and my visit in France and about my books, especially The Scarred Pianist. I can never thank Isabelle enough for this almost an hour long beautiful film which I hope others will like as well. You can now rent or buy Résidence(s) on Vimeo and subtitles are available in English, Swedish and French. On top of that, my stay provided the inspiration for my next book. Anyone looking will understand why. Merci, Isabelle!