About Maria

About Maria

About Me

About Maria – As a child I was often caught in my thoughts and lucky enough to be surrounded by books. As one of the literary heroines of my youth put it – paper has more patience than people.

I debuted 2005 and has since written several novels and short stories. My strongest motivation is always the same. To tell a good story and do it with the most beautiful language possible.

My books often deal with a secret or a riddle and I brood a lot over how people think and feel, how they became what they are. I am happy to write about the past as well as the present. My grandparents all got old and I knew them well, all four. Their stories and lives have had a strong influence.

I am born and raised in the Swedish town Uppsala, where I studied English and Mathematics. After that I studied journalism in Gothenburg and later I took a Master of Arts in the USA in political science, focusing on international relations. I have worked several years as a foreign correspondant in Germany for economic media and radio. All summers are spent in Frillesås on the Swedish westcoast, where my family have stayed for four generations. I am married and have two adult children.

Dancing and music have also played important roles in my life. And figure skating. I never managed the highest jumps, though. I have to save that for my books.

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