Buster’s Ears

Buster's Ears was first published in 2006.
Buster’s Ears was first published in 2006.

All her life, Eva has tended her roses, aware of the fact that her relationship with flowers is a good deal simpler than with her family…

When she’s given a diary on her 56th birthday, she starts writing at night about a world she has done everything to forget. Her anecdotes from the West Coast are soon overshadowed by stories of her childhood and youth and her beautiful but self-centred and complicated mother, whose behaviour made Eva’s formative years into a torment.

Already at the age of seven, Eva made a decision. She was going to be a survivor. When she falls in love with an English officer she believes for a short while that a reconciliation is possible. But a final reckoning with her mother is unavoidable in the end.

Forty years later, everything is almost lost because of an unfortunate coincidence. And the old wounds, like the rose bushes, are torn open once again.

Buster’s Ears is about love, trust and deceit. A strong and shocking story of a corrosive relationship and a bitter-sweet love story.

If you buy any book this year, make sure it’s Maria Ernestam’s ‘Buster’s Ears’. That it didn’t win the August Prize and wasn’t even nominated is a scandal for the jury. An absolutely fantastic novel. If one describes its contents the whole thing sounds rather black. But it’s also full of warmth and charm. It’s about reconciliation and moving on and it’s written in a wonderful literary style. Highly recommended for all who love books.

– TV4

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