About the book

On the surface, Erica’s life seems quite perfect. She and her partner Tom love each other and enjoy living together. At least that is what Erica thought…

One evening Tom tells her that he needs a break in their relationship. This comes as a shock to Erica. She goes home, drinks herself into a stupor and only wakes up when there’s a ring on the door. When she opens it, Death is standing there. Erica is so deep in despair that she is neither frightened nor particularly surprised by this – partly, perhaps, because Death looks nothing like he’s supposed to.

Her sorrow at Tom’s deceit changes Erica, whose attitude to the world grows more and more judgmental. With Death as her ally, she greedily takes this opportunity to “clean up” around her. All control is lost in the ensuing drama, and she begins to make mistakes with devastating consequences…

Caipirinha with Death is a hilarious story, in the true sense of the word. An off-beat romantic comedy with elements of suspense.

What other people have said

A positive review is always a pleasure. These ones made me really happy.

This is intelligent and amusing, adding a new and not entirely unpleasant perspective on reality. ‘Caipirinha with Death’ is fresh and in some curious way utterly logical. Nerikes Allehanda

There’s a delicious pitch-black sense of humour in this debut of Maria Ernestam, pervasive throughout this whole novel, which takes the form of an intricate crime story with philosophical interludes. With an assurance unusual in a literary debut she guides the reader through an exciting reading experience through light and dark, laughter and seriousness, realism and surrealism. Bibliotekstjänst

A story as ice cold and original as its title, extremely fascinating and thrilling. The language of the book is so beautiful that it deserves a standing ovation. Read and enjoy! Veckorevyn

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