Cleopatra’s Comb

Cleopatra's Comb was first published in 2007.
Cleopatra’s Comb was first published in 2007.

”I have an assignment for you. I want you to murder my husband.”

An elderly woman walks into Cleopatra’s Comb, a newly set-up company. She wants to get rid of her wife-beating husband, and she is prepared to pay handsomely for the service.

The original business idea of Cleopatra’s Comb was to help people sort out their problems, but friends and business partners Anna, Mari and Fredrik never expected an assignment like this. Everything is now brought to a head. Soon, they begin to understand how little they really know about each other, or how far they are prepared to go…

Cleopatra’s Comb is about complicated relationships, a suspense novel offering constant surprises, a story of revenge and reconciliation, right and wrong and the unpredictable nature of the inner self.

Cleopatra’s Comb really does wow the reader with more wonderful surprises than a Kinder egg. Ernestam’s language is beautiful and her imagination quite remarkable. As soon as one starts to believe one has the plot figured out, Ernestam performs a quick turnaround and overthrows everything.

– Smålänningen

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