My Grandmother’s Story

My Grandmother's Story was first published in 2009.
My Grandmother’s Story was first published in 2009.

Agneta Pleijel, Birgitta Stenberg, Märta Tikkanen, Bodil Malmsten, Inger Frimansson, Katarina Mazetti, Maria Ernestam, Åsa Linderborg, Mian Lodalen, Maria Sveland, Emma Hamberg, Zinat Pirzadeh

In My Grandmother’s Story, twelve well-known Swedish woman authors from four generations give personal accounts of their relationships with their grandmothers.

These are twelve tender, revealing insights into grandmothers and their varying influences. It is also a book about relationships between grandmothers, daughters and granddaughters, and the patterns that emerge.

Taken as a whole, these twelve stories provide a vivid, personal perspective on recent Swedish history, demonstrating the importance of the emancipation of women, and the enormous impact this has had on us. At the same time the book is a eulogy to all grandmothers – both those who took the road that was already there, and those who chose their own.

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