About the book

Veronica and Marieke have been friends since childhood. As grown up women, faithful Marieke is still standing in the shadow of the charismatic Veronica.

When Veronica’s aunt Klara dies, a chain of events is started that will ultimately change both the foundation of their friendship and the paths that their lives are taking.

They leave their families in a cold and dark Stockholm to travel in Klara’s footsteps, to Langkawi and San Francisco – places that meant a lot to her.

During the trip, Marieke and Veronica discover completely new sides of Klara but also surprising traits in themselves. When they meet the enigmatic pianist James, a rivalrous triangle is formed that can only lead to disaster. Or could it be the beginning of something new?

What other people have said

A positive review is always a pleasure. These ones made me really happy.

In The Scarred Pianist, Maria Ernestam describes, with a finely tuned literary pen, the close knit relationship between friends-since-childhood Veronica and Marieke, a friendship which is the only thing that matters, especially since Veronica’s extra mother dies, […] Even the smallest shift in behaviour is meticulously noted. Every human reaction, each separate incident is analyzed. This is a novel that affects me deeply and touches one’s innermost feelings. For real. Femina

As always, she tells a sort of everyday life story, where every day turns out to be all but common, containing drama, improbabilities, mysteries, ambiguities, Angst and doubts. […] Maria Ernestam’s books are – if I may return to that caipirinha that I like so much – like a drink with many ingredients covering that underlying layer of ice and the warm, sun kissed fruit somebody pushed a straw right through. LitteraturMagazinet

Maria Ernestam has a special talent in weaving complicated intrigues that drill themselves deep into the reader’s psyche. And her writing is beautiful. In The Scarred Pianist she tells the story of a relationship that often triggers envy… Icakuriren

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