About the book

He really knew how to hoard! Meet Ejnar Svensson – the junior official who became The Toilet Paper King of Sweden and beyond, due to a counting error. In this short story an embarrassing mistake is turned into a victory for the whole city. The tale is told from the point of view of the power figure of Vallerås, the Chairman of the Municipal Council himself. But how far can you push an involuntary hero on his toilet paper strewn tribute trip? And what happens when it all ends?

This is an incredibly charming story about human vanity, the ordinary man on the street and the unexpected twists and turns of life.

The Swedish audio book is read by famous Swedish actor Morgan Alling.

What other people have said

A positive review is always a pleasure. These ones made me really happy.

Super up to date … Outstanding story! … Audio book very well read by Swedish actor Morgan Alling. TV4 Nyhetsmorgon

Highly amusing, charming and necessary. SVT Go'kväll

Timely express release of a humorous story … FOKUS

A truly amusing book told in that ironic and absurd style that I really appreciate and which makes me think of Jonas Karlsson and Erlend Loe. Swedish booksite Enligt O

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