Broken Eggs and Broken Hearts – a Completely Impossible Easter

Broken Eggs and Broken Hearts – a Completely Impossible Easter is a humorous, charming and subtle story about human relations, deceit and never giving up.

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Broken Eggs and Broken Hearts – a Completely Impossible Easter is a humorous, charming and subtle story about human relations, deceit and never giving up. It is a tale about life being overthrown from one day to another and the necessity of shaping your own destiny with all methods required. It describes tricks and mischief, laughter and tears, loneliness and the bumpy road to understanding who your true friends are and who loves you – for real.

Last Christmas the future looked bright for Lisbeth Cederström in Frillesås, a small village on the Swedish west coast. She was happy as a teacher and in her little house by the sea and enjoyed a new love in her life. And she had kept her promise never to allow herself to be controlled by others.

But when Easter approaches, a new couple moves into the house next door and soon the quarrels begin regarding plot boundaries, visits and a rooster cuckooing at night. At school, malicious rumors begin to circulate about Lisbeth having received money she had no right to from a former partner’s company and that she is unsuited as a substitute headmaster.On top of that her boyfriend’s loyalty fails, due to a demanding exwife, which makes the crisis complete.

What happens then, when an old unrequited love is suddenly there with good advice, support and possibly a desire for more?

Do not miss this extremely well written pearl of a book. An engaging and utterly adorable everyday story with an interesting narrative line, containing shadows and sparkles of humor as well as wisdom and empathy. I am completely captivated by her language, the plot and the characters.

Agneta Norrgård, Swedish Radio P4, Augustprize ambassador, Swedish SVT1 Go'kväll, etc

Ernestam’s prose is subtle and smooth. She is a skilled writer and knows her craft well. Her characters are authentic,

Bibliotekstjänst, nr 7/21

This is a skilfully composed story, a truly enjoyable dish of scrambled eggs, with all kinds of escapades and chaotic situations.


TV 4 Nyhetsmorgon
Maria Ernestam has done it again, skilfully balancing on the delicate line of feelgood/relationship novel. Like sitting with an old friend at the kitchen table, listening to entertaining gossip …!

Johan Anderblad, Swedish Television, TV4

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