Caipirinha with Death

On the surface, Erica’s life seems quite perfect. She and her partner Tom love each other and enjoy living together. At least that is what Erica thought…

One evening Tom tells her that he needs a break in their relationship. This comes as a shock to Erica. She goes home, drinks herself into a stupor and only wakes up when there’s a ring on the door. When she opens it, Death is standing there. Erica is so deep in despair that she is neither frightened nor particularly surprised by this – partly, perhaps, because Death looks nothing like he’s supposed to.

Her sorrow at Tom’s deceit changes Erica, whose attitude to the world grows more and more judgmental. With Death as her ally, she greedily takes this opportunity to “clean up” around her. All control is lost in the ensuing drama, and she begins to make mistakes with devastating consequences…

Caipirinha with Death is a hilarious story, in the true sense of the word. An off-beat romantic comedy with elements of suspense.

Buster’s Ears

All her life, Eva has tended her roses, aware of the fact that her relationship with flowers is a good deal simpler than with her family…

When she’s given a diary on her 56th birthday, she starts writing at night about a world she has done everything to forget. Her anecdotes from the West Coast are soon overshadowed by stories of her childhood and youth and her beautiful but self-centred and complicated mother, whose behaviour made Eva’s formative years into a torment.

Already at the age of seven, Eva made a decision. She was going to be a survivor. When she falls in love with an English officer she believes for a short while that a reconciliation is possible. But a final reckoning with her mother is unavoidable in the end.

Forty years later, everything is almost lost because of an unfortunate coincidence. And the old wounds, like the rose bushes, are torn open once again.

Buster’s Ears is about love, trust and deceit. A strong and shocking story of a corrosive relationship and a bitter-sweet love story.

Cleopatra’s Comb

”I have an assignment for you. I want you to murder my husband.”

An elderly woman walks into Cleopatra’s Comb, a newly set-up company. She wants to get rid of her wife-beating husband, and she is prepared to pay handsomely for the service.

The original business idea of Cleopatra’s Comb was to help people sort out their problems, but friends and business partners Anna, Mari and Fredrik never expected an assignment like this. Everything is now brought to a head. Soon, they begin to understand how little they really know about each other, or how far they are prepared to go…

Cleopatra’s Comb is about complicated relationships, a suspense novel offering constant surprises, a story of revenge and reconciliation, right and wrong and the unpredictable nature of the inner self.

Always With You

Suddenly nothing is like it used to be. Inga’s husband has a heart attack and no longer exists.

For two years she pushes away her sorrow, tries to make herself useful, buries herself in work. But a malicious remark triggers a collapse. She escapes to her family’s summer house in Marstrand, where she hopes to recover and regain some internal peace.

By coincidence she finds an old box of papers, newspaper cuttings and, at the bottom, a letter postmarked in 1916, in Mombasa, Kenya. Inga’s curiosity is awakened, particularly by a few cryptic lines at the end of the letter.

With a new sense of urgency she continues looking for an explanation, and at the same time distracts herself from thinking about the present. Her research takes her deep into her family history, to an event that took place in the backdrop to the First World War. She realises that another woman’s fate has affected her own life more than she ever knew.

Always With You is a broadly constructed novel about the power of memory over the present, and about reconciliation with the past. Maria Ernestam has created a personal, vivid story that does not evade the big questions of sorrow and loss, friendship and strong love.

On the Other Side of the Sun

It is the Easter holiday and Viola, her husband Axel and their two teenage daughters go down to Skåne, where they have borrowed a house not far from a retirement home where Axel’s mother is living.

During her visits to her mother-in-law, Viola meets an old lady, Lea, who gives her a few novellas she has written. These evocative stories become a refuge during the tumultuous days that follow in the disused house. Since Axel first started sickening four years earlier he’s changed, and now everything deteriorates even more.

At the same time as Viola begins to sense the underlying truth of Lea’s stories, she realises she is actually afraid of her husband. Who is he? And does she still love him?

On the Other Side of the Sun is a powerful novel about lies and deceit, love and sorrow. And about a dramatic human destiny in China, during the Civil War.

Daughters of the Marionettes

One warm summer day in the early 80’s Mariana, an eleven year-old girl, makes a horrific discovery. To the tones of music so familiar to her she finds her father dead on the family’s carousel. Shot and bound to one of the carousel horses he revolves round and round, an image that Mariana has been forced to live with ever since.

Over thirty years later Mariana is still living in the same town on the Swedish west coast. She is the owner of a shop selling antique toys, marionettes, masks and books. Everything changes the day a man called Amnon Goldstein, an American with Jewish roots, moves into the town. Gathering material for a book, he seeks out one inhabitant after the other, getting them to open up. Defenceless, they tell him about their lifes and in the wake of their confessions things start to happen.

But while some are enchanted by Amnon others do not view the developments quite so kindly. And when inexplicable things start occurring, an opposition movement is formed against the foreigner. In their search to find out who Amnon really is and what he wants Mariana is forced to confront the old tragedy, the murder of her father that was never resolved.

An Eye for an Eye, and a Paw for a Paw

A cat has a mind of its own. Nobody can choose their neighbours. Two things that Sara and Björn are painfully reminded of when moving to the countryside, to a newly renovated house. This was to be the place where Björn could relax from work in town and Sara make the dream of her own gardening firm come true. Not to mention their cat. What wonderful possibilities to roam around freely.

Lars and Agneta, the couple next door, come by the very first evening. It is a happy coincidence that they have a cat as well and that is not the only interest the four of them seem to share. Nice chats over the fences are to be expected, jolly getting togethers lying ahead.

But very soon the air gets thicker. Lars’ and Agneta’s cat is a fearful animal defending its territory with claws and teeth and just as the war between the two cats intensifies, so does the tension between the neighbours. At the same time events from the past float to the surface, events telling the tale of the murderous conflict between former owners of the two houses. A conflict ending in a ghastly tragedy where truth was never really discovered.

As a cat spies on its prey, so does history hunt the newly settled. Sara and Björn have to defend themselves with methods they never thought themselves capable of. When rescue is no longer to be found, the echo of the final battle between cats and neighbours can be heard far and away.

An Eye for an Eye, and a Paw for a Paw is an original psychological thriller. A tribute to neighbours who manage to get along and to the strong and unique personality and will of every cat. A book adorned with beautiful illustrations by Lina Bodén.

The Scarred Pianist

The Scarred Pianist is a novel about human relationships, secrets and dreams. About ghosts of the past, about the importance of music and about people seeking ways to be free to live their own lives.

Veronica and Marieke have been friends since childhood. As grown up women, faithful Marieke is still standing in the shadow of the charismatic Veronica.

When Veronica’s aunt Klara dies, a chain of events is started that will ultimately change both the foundation of their friendship and the paths that their lives are taking.

They leave their families in a cold and dark Stockholm to travel in Klara’s footsteps, to Langkawi and San Francisco – places that meant a lot to her.

During the trip, Marieke and Veronica discover completely new sides of Klara but also surprising traits in themselves. When they meet the enigmatic pianist James, a rivalrous triangle is formed that can only lead to disaster. Or could it be the beginning of something new?

Broken legs and broken hearts – a completely impossible Christmas

Broken legs and broken hearts – a completely impossible Christmas, is a humorous, warm and slightly twisted story about the expectations we have of ourselves and others. It is a story about loneliness and friendship, white and black lies and unconventional tricks to get what you want. And it is about possibly finding love but above all yourself – even in Christmas times.

Things do not really work out for 38-year-old Lisbeth Cederström. She does of course like her little house by the sea, enjoys her work as a teacher and has settled down in Frillesås, a small village on the Swedish west coast where she moved five years ago. And she is single. Which might after all be better than being unhappily in love.

But when Christmas approaches, things turn out for the worse. The headmaster of her school wants her to leave her sports lessons in favour of a male alpine champion.

Her old boyfriend Harry suddenly stands on her doorstep and is tired of his glamorous girlfriend. Her sister Helena wants to give birth to her fourth child at home – much to the agony of her family – and her best friend Sara’s daughter is having trouble with the police.

When her kitchen has to be demolished and get fixed by an unknown craftsman everything seems to go down the drain and on top of that, mum wants to serve the big Christmas meal at eleven o’clock in the morning.

Within the Walls

Within the Walls is a thrilling, haunting and beautiful novel about deceit, sorrow, escape and reconciliation.

In the French countryside of Normandy lies an ancient, mythical abbey with a library that attracts scholars from all over the world. Thanks to a scholarship, Sofi has gotten the chance to come there in order to write and in addition find peace. Behind, she leaves Sweden and a marital crisis with tragic consequences.

But she does not find the calm she is looking for. Like herself, the abbey carries a dark history and Sofi is soon plagued with visions and dreams about what happened here during the Second World War.

The fates of the soldiers are intertwined with her own until she no longer knows if what she experiences is real or not.

Who can she trust? Who is haunting her with whispers and knocks? Is she going insane or does someone want to hurt her?