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Reviews for Within the Walls

[...] The reader easily identifies with her situation and engages deeply in this very well written life portrayal. –Bibliotekstjäns (Karin Engvén, no 21, 2018)

Reviews for Broken legs and broken hearts - a completely impossible Christmas

A mulled wine scented story that attracts much laughter. – Amelia

Reviews for The Scarred Pianist

Maria Ernestam has a special talent in weaving complicated intrigues that drill themselves deep into the reader’s psyche. And her writing is beautiful. In The Scarred Pianist she tells the story of a relationship that often triggers envy… – Icakuriren (Mari Peterson February 17, 2016)

Reviews for Daughters of the Marionettes

Maria Ernestam is a skilled author with a capacity for dramatazing and capturing her readers. This she proves again in her sixth novel, Daughters of the Marionettes, a story about an unsolved murder committed thirty years ago in a small town on the Swedish west coast. […] Maria Ernestam aspires for more and seeks to explore the reasons behind violence and what causes people to act the way they do. She writes about love and jealosy, about friendship and deceit… - Göteborgs-Posten

Reviews for On the Other Side of the Sun

Can one win an Oscar, a BAFTA or a Grammy for the most beautiful prose style? If so, Maria Ernestam clinches it. I’d fall on my knees in a pool of mud for her words, deliciously entwined throughout this tale set in Skåne. A journey uncovers a family’s destiny, taking a detour via China. Properly worked through and worth reading. - Kupé

Reviews for An Eye for an Eye, and a Paw for a Paw

Maria Ernestam is one of Sweden's most skilled wordsmiths. – Metro

Reviews for Always With You

Maria Ernestam employs a language that conveys the experiences and emotions of her characters in a subtle way. She creates fine historical snapshots from 1916 through the use of detailed inserts and a slightly archaic language and syntactic devices. Maria Ernestam also gently weaves pacifist and feminist ideas into her text, without in any way seeming forced. SvD

Reviews for Cleopatra's Comb

The interesting thing is that Ernestam makes all this seem wholly feasible. It may be that we are now situated in that utilitarian world, which Torbjörn Tännsjö used to talk about, where it is not moral laws or norms but rather rationality and the sum of common happiness that determines whether something is good or bad. Lisbeth Larsson, DN

Reviews for Buster's Ears

A dark family drama about secrets and hatred, yet with a sense of love and hope, like a beautiful rose bush. Ingalill Mosander, Aftonbladet, Books of the Week

Reviews for Caipirinha With Death

Beautiful, smart and memorable, so that from time to time one has to make a pause and think about it. - Metro