Reviews for Always With You

Maria Ernestam employs a language that conveys the experiences and emotions of her characters in a subtle way. She creates fine historical snapshots from 1916 through the use of detailed inserts and a slightly archaic language and syntactic devices. Maria Ernestam also gently weaves pacifist and feminist ideas into her text, without in any way seeming forced.

– SvD

I have been looking for novels about love in our time. Real novels about love, red-blooded classic love stories. It is no coincidence that ‘Anna Karenina’ is still around. I think Ernestam’s book has something of that world about it. One is so moved by the destinies of these people.

– Malou von Sivers in TV 4’s After Ten

I like the language very much… there’s a good pace, you get pulled into the story, I lay there for hours reading this story. The perfect Christmas gift! …It is interesting also from a dramaturgical angle, interesting to shift between different epochs, to have people from another generation come alive. I like it a lot.

– Katarina Ewerlöf in TV 4:s After Ten

A very fine book… not a single strand is left hanging… A bit like Stieg Larsson.

– Lasse Anrell in TV 4’s After Ten

This is like a film script pure and simple. It’s like an English drama series!

– Lasse Anrell in TV 4’s After Ten

This is a wonderful novel… really a novel about our memories, their power over us and those around us… she really grabs hold of this as you’re reading, it’s almost chilling… all it needs is a single sentence, that’s how skillful she is. She places a sentence, you feel a punch in your midriff or a knife in your heart and you’re on an entirely different level…

– Swedish Radio P4 Halland

A marvellous reading experience… I can draw parallels with Marianne Fredriksson’s ‘Anna, Hanna and Johanna’ …a very pleasant journey through times past…

– Swedish Radio P4 Stockholm

The best thing around right now! With a deft hand Maria Ernestam spins a story that moves expertly between different epochs and people. The past and present are weaved into a story more exciting than the most gruesome crime thriller. It is about love and about reconciling oneself to the pain that defines one.

– Tara

As brilliant as ever in her evocative use of language. …as ingenious and tightly woven a story as Maria Ernestam’s earlier books. She is always climbing on my list of favourites.

– Nerikes Allehanda

Ernestam is a brilliant exponent of folk tales and a slightly burlesque language. Who can say that tales, just like myth, do not hide more than they seem to beneath their surface? In ‘Always With You’ there is also an existential dimension, where the shadows of guilt extend deep into the only thing we actually have: the present. Maybe there is also the possibility of a complete reconciliation. Maybe also hope.


Ernestam is a deft storyteller… Her depiction of the class society in Gothenburg during the First World War is very convincing, with the stink and the wall lice, crystal and damask – there are shades of Fogelström class about her.

– Dagens Arbete

Maria Ernestam’s books, particularly ‘Caipirinha with Death’ and ‘Buster’s Ears’ are more or less twisted labyrinths and brain-teasers – reading journeys that take us up and down and here and there. Her new book ‘Always With You’ is quite different. In fact it is more like a country road making little detours into an ancient forest. The full-bodied Ernestam language is still in evidence, but one of Sweden’s most skilful writers is now giving us a carefully researched family history. Done with aplomb and finesse.

– Tove

The reader is inexorably sucked into the story. She is absolutely devoid of illusions in her depiction of human relationships, and she has a particularly keen eye for everyday evil.

– Hallands Nyheter

“‘Always With You’ is a fine book about love and loss and just how strong these can be. Ernestam writes beautifully.

– Arbetarbladet

Maria Ernestam captivates with her love story ‘Always With You’.

– Laura

Ernestam writes intelligently and with a great deal of humour about the difficult questions in life. Her characters are well formed. The style is reminiscent of her earlier books and it is a true pleasure to share in Inga’s hunt for the truth about her family destiny.

– Bibliotekstjänst

A well composed novel that makes one want to read!

– Hennes

Maria Ernestam has a brand of wonderful, black humour in her books.

– Mama