Reviews for Broken legs and broken hearts – a completely impossible Christmas

Maria Ernestam knows her craft as an author […] The story contains a number of threads that Maria Ernestam weaves together forming just that kind of novel that you read in the winter darkness on an evening when you want to feel a little bit better without any screens or the noise from the radio […]

– Lena Köster, literary critic (Upsala Nya Tidning December 19, 2018)

A well written, charming and hilarious story with both familiar and unbelievable situations. […] Ernestam has the ability to write everyday narratives focusing on human behaviour and people who do not hesitate to admit that we do things all the time that we do not like only because it is expected of us or because we do not have the strength to take the fight.

– Agneta Norrgård, literary critic ( December 16, 2018)

A mulled wine scented story that attracts much laughter.


[…] it is funny that we are invited into academic environments in a story where the obvious means of solving problems is by using lies.

– Lotta Olsson, literary critic ( DN November 24, 2018)

Broken Legs and Broken Hearts is a warm and sensible story […] Maria Ernestam writes well about loneliness and friendship, about how tricky it can be to be a human being, but of course makes sure that the ending is a very, merry Christmas.

– Femina (Femina no 15, 2018)

Maria Ernestam gets all the details just right to make the story both subtle and entertaining. To finally, in the middle of life, make your own decision on how to celebrate Christmas. Beautiful writing about friendship, seasoned with life’s small nuggets of wisdom.

– Kerstin Särneö (Tara No 14, 2018)

Funny, charming, wonderful!

– Jennie Steifeldt ( October 21, 2018)

This is a humorous, warm and loving book about standing up for oneself, caring for your near ones and about lifting your gaze, daring to see the other side of the coin.
Adding on top of this the archipelago setting and its special ambience with which Maria imbues Frillesås, and I am completely sold on this book!

– Susanne Abel ( October 23, 2018)

[…] a warm and entertaining story about a woman who has let other people push her around but who is fed up with always being the one to adapt. Lisbeth’s adventures attract laughter but the story also invites reflection.

– Johanna Wistedt ( November 12, 2018)

[…] loved this book. 5/5.

– Jessica & Linda ( November 10, 2018)