Reviews for Cleopatra’s Comb

A fantastic book. Through her characters, the author impresses on us that we are all capable of deeds which we may have thought beyond the realms of possibility. At the same time, she asks a series of questions about life, death and love. The book is well written and intensely exciting, and the reader is frequently moved to tears.

– Bibliotekstjänst

The interesting thing is that Ernestam makes all this seem wholly feasible. It may be that we are now situated in that utilitarian world, which Torbjörn Tännsjö used to talk about, where it is not moral laws or norms but rather rationality and the sum of common happiness that determines whether something is good or bad.

– Lisbeth Larsson, DN

‘Cleopatra’s Comb’ really does wow the reader with more wonderful surprises than a Kinder egg. Ernestam’s language is beautiful and her imagination quite remarkable. As soon as one starts to believe one has the plot figured out, Ernestam performs a quick turnaround and overthrows everything.

– Smålänningen

Deftly written. I bolted through it.

– Torbjörn Westlin, GT

Maria Ernestam has a remarkable ability to paint cryptic, evocative stories with depth and conviction. I am deeply impressed by her ability to paint her living characters in such detail, even from the level of their souls. Even before the publication of this book I was very taken with Ernestam. Both of her already published books, ‘Caipirinha with Death’ and ‘Buster’s Ears’ offer a refreshing, wonderful and bizarre reading experience, which in my view everyone should try. ‘Cleopatra’s Comb’ has just the same value as the two earlier works, if indeed it does not supersede them. Ernestam’s authorship is a fresh, invigorating breeze in the densely packed crime and chic-lit jungle of the Swedish publishing scene.

– Nerikes Allehanda, also published in Motala and Vadstena Tidning

…places both the darkest of seriousness and whitest of humour in the blender, then presses the ‘on’ button. Possibly this is the reason why one cannot stop reading. She did it again!

– Tove

Ernestam knows the art of fashioning a hugely off-beat story which nonetheless feels both feasible and recognisable.

– Plaza kvinna

Skilfully, Maria Ernestam interweaves fantasy and reality. And how does one in fact distinguish between fantasies and reality? After reading this very exciting, entertaining and at the same time very sad book, one reflects on this knotty problem.

– Tranås-Posten

…a very good book. The author renders the characters extremely well, it is exciting but sometimes a little melancholic. My tip for what it is worth: Read this book!

– Skaraborgs Allehanda

I promise, big surprises lie in store at the end and Maria Ernestam ties up the sack in a good way. …‘Cleopatra’s Comb’ is top-league entertainment.

– Regional newspaper, Östersund

In Ernestam’s books it is not the actual minutia of the crime that matter, but rather the whole decision process of whether or not the crime should be committed at all. This makes me reflect as a reader and also makes me examine my own sense of right and wrong. In addition to that, the reading is always exciting.

– Bokhora