Reviews for Daughters of the Marionettes

Maria Ernestam is a skilled author with a capacity for dramatazing and capturing her readers. This she proves again in her sixth novel, Daughters of the Marionettes, a story about an unsolved murder committed thirty years ago in a small town on the Swedish west coast. […] Maria Ernestam aspires for more and seeks to explore the reasons behind violence and what causes people to act the way they do. She writes about love and jealosy, about friendship and deceit…

– Göteborgs-Posten

The novel is mystic, almost like a pshychological thriller while at the same time it can almost be called a fairytale.

– Tranås-Posten

Maria Ernestam is, and remains, one of my Swedish favourite authors … Daughters of the Marionettes is a tightly woven drama where Ernestam manages to include most of our most human and naked feelings in the different characters. At the same time that she presents a useful view of society as well as a history lesson.

– Swedish daily Nerikes Allehanda

Maria Ernestam’s novel is just as unexpectedly thrilling and well written as her previous work.

– Magazine Damernas värld, giving the book four stars out of five

This is more of a fairy tale than a crime novel. Maria Ernestam has written a novel that is a world completely on its own, fitting to listen to when October darkness falls.

– Magazine Lantliv

One of three Books of the Month.

– Magazine Plaza kvinna

 …as always when Maria Ernestam takes the pen in her hand, the result is tender magicof language on the highest level possible.

– Metro

The present and the past, smartly intertwined.

– Daughters of the Marionettes Favourite of the Month in magazine Kupé)

The intrigue is delicate and well composed and it is a great pleasure to read the unusual story that is presented to the reader. In Ernestam’s very own and special universe she shows how childish and irrational people can behave – which makes the characters incredibly realistic … the book is simply and absolutely lovely!

– Femina. Score: Five out of five