Reviews for Within the Walls

[…] gripping novel about afflicting betrayal, great sorrow and trying to escape reality.

[…] The reader easily identifies with her situation and engages deeply in this very well written life portrayal.

Bibliotekstjänst (Karin Engvén, no 21, 2018)

A psychological thriller with gothic elements, in my opinion her best writing so far.

– Mats Strandberg, author ( October 4, 2018)

The atmosphere and the mournful, low key tone captured me. A lonely, broken woman looking for answers,  searching for hope and the will to carry on.  A page turner and a nail biter about confronting the past, sorrow and acceptance.

– Agneta Norrgård, literary critic (  September 15, 2018)

[…] finding that she possessed the ability to write as sinister and dark as this, for me, adds another string to her bow.

[…] so has Maria Ernestam once again proven that she is a masterful writer with a fantastic language.

– Susanne Abel, ( September 23, 2018)

Gripping, thrilling, well written!

– Jennie Steifeldt, ( October 9, 2018)

As usual Maria Ernestam writes beautiful prose and I admire her way of sketching an interesting and multilayered main character. Sofi is very human and in her sorrow both strong and fragile. The Abbey almost becomes a character in itself in the story with its both stunning and fateful historical environment. ‘Within the Walls’ is a well told and gripping novel.

– Ulrica Lejbro, ( October 12, 2018)

[…] a wondrous journey into the depths of a person. 5/5
– Ulrika Hurtig, ( November 18, 2018)

Very well written and engaging psychological drama with elements of a thriller […] an almost poetic language with certain passages making me almost associate with Polanski and an absolutely brilliant [note: audio book] reading by Maria Ernestam […]
– BlommigaBarbro, ( November 23, 2018)