Reader’s corner

In Reader’s corner I offer some extra reading material for everyone following this homepage, such as short stories, articles, background material or questions to have in mind when discussing my books. I hope it will inspire and be enjoyable. When it comes to short stories I might not always be able to present it in English but will be happy to offer any language available.


The Soundtrack of The Scarred Pianist

As the title suggests, there is a piano player in my new book. And there is music. Classical pieces, pop, old and new, Andrew Sisters, Jacques Brel, Chopin and Bowie.
Everything that the people in the book listen to, play themselves, are moved by.

Now there is a playlist with the soundtrack to The Scarred Pianist. I wish you many happy musical moments.

The Scarred Pianist

This is the title of my next novel which will be published in the spring of 2016. The skilled translator Susan Beard has already created an English excerpt of the book for you to read.
The wounded pianist by Maria Ernestam.

Just like Lauren Bacall 

There is something special about the grand old ladies of the movies. Ava Gardner, Marlene Dietrich, Katharine Hepburn, Rita Hayworth, Mae West, Greta Garbo to mention a few. And, of course, Lauren Bacall.  Elegant, mysterious, bewildering, at the same time with minds of their own, a strong will and well formulated. I could not resist borrowing some of that star dust when writing this year’s summer crime story for Swedish magazine Hemmets veckotidning. For anyone speaking Swedish, “Just like Lauren Bacall”, is now available both as a podcast and to read here in Reader’s corner. See it as an inspiration to buy a new rain coat, preferably in red. Or not …
Just like Lauren Bacall by Maria Ernestam.
Just like Lauren Bacall by Maria Ernestam.


English Caipirinha

In the magazine Swedish Book Review (No 2014:1), Alice Menzies has chosen to translate an extract in the middle of my book Caipirinha with Death. A passage I am very glad she chose. You can read it here.


Spanish Caipirinha

Sometimes a reader grows so fond of a book that he or she gets in touch and wants to translate an extract to make it available to a larger public. This was the case with Gunilla Nilsson, who read Caipirinha with Death (Caipirinha med Döden) and thought it would be excellent for a world wide Spanish community. Now, her Spanish translation of a part of the book is available here in Reader’s corner.



Afterword about my grandfather

The afterword in the Swedish paperback version of Daughters of the Marionettes tells the story of my grandfather, Bernhard J-son Ernestam and his engagement for Jewish refugees during the second world war. The text is now available for anyone reading Swedish.
Bernhard J-son Ernestam.

Macbeth at the Opera

When the Royal Swedish Opera asked me to write a text on Macbeth in the program being distributed when Giuseppe Verdis’ opera Macbeth was played in Stockholm, I did not hesitate to accept. My text was later published in a book called “The author at the opera”. For anyone reading Swedish – “When shall we three meet again …”
The Swedish Opera. Photo: Mats Bäcker. Please click on the image to read the text (in Swedish).
The Royal Swedish Opera. Photo: Mats Bäcker. Please click on the image to read the text (in Swedish).

A Summer swim

A short story in Swedish, earlier published in Swedish Magazine Hemmets Veckotidning. For those of you who can read Swedish and are ready for a Summer swim –  take a deep breath!